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Web designing
Web designing is what my passion, job and hobby. Website with meaning and sense attract customers to stay more time in your website is what I believe in. I design customized website to meet all my clients’ need with their valuable inputs. Ergonometric design for a website is must and I always make sure that my designed is aesthetical, appealing and with sense of color.

The feature of a website is not limited to elegant design; apart from design, the loading time is important, it should only take fraction of seconds to load. If a website consumes more than the normal time, users will be presumably frustrated and try to navigate to other pages.

I have created and given shape to more than 150 websites for clients from various fields. I thank my clients, who made me proficient by providing opportunities to work in almost all the domain. I am sure that my creativity and experience will definitely lead you to get professional website beyond your expectations. Your homepage with striking visuals, customized and optimized content and necessary user interface details are my promise.
How am I constructing a site?
Analyzing your business
Analyzing your needs
Planning appropriate designs
Implementing the plan
Adding your inputs
Final optimization
I do not focus only on the quality of my design. What I believe are harness accessibility, technology and usability of a website determine the success. I expect the blend of craftsmanship with the new technology as my result after all, that is what the work of a web designer

I can provide you design beyond your expectations. You will get your smart website design in the stipulated time period, irrespective of your business type and level.
I can provide you my best skill and knowledge in
Visually striking web designs
Unique Logos and web graphics
Dynamic Flash Intros, Stories, Movies and Interactive Games
Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs and corporate power point presentations
Promotional and Marketing Material
A success of a good design lies in, attracting the customers to a site and retain them, as long as possible. I can design you sites that are aesthetically sound websites which can promote your business, brand and can provide you unique position above your competitors.

Don’t hesitate to call me. Feel free, I am at your service.
Web Development
Web development refers to building a website apart from the aspect of designing a website. Usually a website development should be done in accordance with the internet and search engines. It is depending on the work of writing markup and coding for a website to improve its performance.

I am a professional website developer having many years of experience in the field of web designing and website developing. I have gained the experience by working with many leading MNC’s to build website and development. I have worked in Bosco Infotech Pvt Ltd, one of the leading UK Based web development company. After that I started to serve for my clients as a freelancer. Today I have clients across the globe, who keep moving my business.

I am providing business solutions in the arena of web development, catering the across the globe in ecommerce website development requirements. My wide range of services includes PHP, AJAX, ASP.Net, Java script, XML HTML, DHTML, XHTML, MySQL and visual basic programming. I have proven track records in custom web design, website development and e commerce solutions.

My expertise is always far beyond the industry standards and clients expectations, but within the boundary of the specific budget. I can design and develop website and that can blend the website design and SEO marketing goals as a single organized effort.
E commerce development
E commerce is the way of carry out buying and selling of products and services through internet, which is considered to be the future of businesses. In the e commerce, a method called payment Gateway Solutions helps a business to assess and accept the money with the help of internet through debit cards, credit cards and online money transfer processes.

I provide e commerce support with professional consulting and developing touch for e commerce site design, functional shopping cart developing, e commerce integration, professional web design and custom web design etc.

My e commerce development is flexible and scalable for both B2C and B2B solutions. You can store any number of products or you can even run a fair portal with thousands of merchandise therein. During my vast years of experience I have developed myself in the e commerce developing. With all my experience and knowledge, now I am independently help in my clients to achieve the e commerce solutions.

My Shopping cart software enables you to sell your products to the online potential customers and makes your online business more functional and flexible to successfully place online product. A dynamic and improved shopping cart can provide you a fully customized site and shopping cart. It divides your products in to segmentation categories to provide best navigation system to your users and with good specification of your product details such as color and size.

My shopping cart will provide you online control panel to manage your site even from remote places. To make your products attractive create appropriate thumbnails for each of your products.

I understand that each and every business has its own requirements as far as ecommerce is concern. So my service will be on depending on your requirements and meet all your needs.

In the current scenario, most of the businesses are carried out on the internet only. Using the opportunity, many fraudulent activities are increasing day by day. There are many chances that your important details such as credit card number, personal details etc can be easily accessed by other if it not secured.

To avoid the frauds, SSL certification is essential. It gives peace and relief to the customers who purchased products through online. It ensures the safety of the online money transfer. The customers may not trust you unless your website provides them an SSL certificate. A research conducted reveals that most of the online payers terminate the payments because of the absence trust. So earning customers trust in online payment is indispensible, An SSL certificate can easily build trust.

To transport the information through the internet safely, SSL encrypts all the information prior to its transmission and makes it safe from the hackers.

Payment gateway is a system used to transfer money for the purchases online. It is safest of the money transaction between the customer and the retailer. It is an ecommerce application service that approves money transfer for bricks and click, online retailers etc. It is the safest way to transfer money online as it encrypts sensitive information such as account number and credit card numbers etc to protect it from the hackers.

Payment gateway services automatically transfers the money between the buyer and seller, which is usually done as third party service. The accuracy is high in payment gateway transactions, because everything will be verified and processed by the computing system. The mode of payments is usually credit, debit cards or other electronic payment methods.

Various ecommerce payment options include
VeriSign PayFow Pro
Multi-Shipping Options
Affiliate Tracking
Ad Tracking
Email / Autoresponders
What I do

I have developed strategies due to our many years of experience in e- commerce development, which always brings fruition. I empower and develop your e-shopping and make you to attain new heights.

design and custom online shopping cart.
Revamp your existing e-commerce website
Develop and integrate new application to your website
New features in shopping cart such as graphics/audio/video/ and multimedia
Build B2B e-shop from scratch
Host and manage product and services
Our skilled offshore ecommerce development team is proficient in use of various e-commerce development platforms like Magento, Zen-Card, X-Cart, VirtueMart, Prestashop, etc so that you get right custom e-commerce solutions that perfectly suit your online business

I am a stager in the following activities with regard to e commerce development

I have participated in the creating and developing features and promotions for the purpose of online and email marketing processes.

I am experienced in building effective web pages which maintain website structure and integrating effective web designs with the techniques of CSS and JavaScript.

Worked extensively for branding and imaging; along with deciding fonts, colors, navigation and layout procedures. I have worked independently in testing and enhancing, with respect to branding and usability of a site.

I have coordinated the communication and developing plans and other activities to ensure the smooth development and team effort.

My e commerce solutions will help you in
I will help you to spread your business internationally without spending much money
With our e commerce support, you can sell your product throughout the world comforting yourself in home
You can receive the payment from your customer through safest mode
Unmatchable help in improving your website rankings in all prominent search engines
Opportunity to manage yourself your website without much technical knowledge
Administration of your B2B and B2C activities through online
Content Development
It is needless to say that ‘content is the king of a website’, most of the website does not know the importance of content. If you have a website, content is what makes the customers to stay in your site. Good content is the only way to attract the customers and compels them to buy your product. It is considered as a good content, if it is persuasive and changes your customers mind set, and build good image on your product.

Where can you go for content? Copy from the internet? This is the mistake most of the business people commit. Content should be unique, towards the point, crisp and clear; else it will not be fruitful to you.

Now, do you think that your website needs content? This is the right place to get unique, informative and perfect content. I have been writing content for past several years for all kinds of websites. Since I am an e commerce and SEO developer, I can write content with appropriate key words and Meta words. This will support your website to fetch huge traffic and business profits. I have proven track record to make the difference in rankings of a website in prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc.

What should I write for you?

SEO writing is entirely different form of writing from writing for feature or article. SEO writing is done to promote a website in the search engine. Writing with proper keywords to lure the attention of search engine is what called as the SEO writing.

If content is writing on a product delivering its features and abilities it is then called as Review writing. The understanding of the product is very essential as far as review writing is concern. The much deeper you understand a subject or a product; the deeper will be your output. It needs creativity mixed with technical knowledge to sound good. Most of the buyer will look for the product reviews before buying it; so product reviews should be positive, highlighting and persuasive.

Blogging is another form of writing where the writer is more informal to the readers to maintain a close relationship. Companies tend to hire experienced blog writers to post the events and activities of the company. It can be also written for any new services, product launch or recent news of the company.

Apart from these major categories of writings, there are quite a few kinds of writings. When a person writes content for a website and provides all rights to the site owner on receiving payment, it is called as ghost writing.

Technical writing is the one, where creativity plays much smaller role and technical knowledge play the major role. Writer must be aware of the technologies involves while writing on a particular product.

Travel writing is always well received form of writing. Most of the readers will be interested to read the travel writings as it could be more informal and evocative. It is informative about a place, history, monument, local people and their culture, practices etc.

Sometimes, even the journalistic writing also given to the writers to develop a news website. The writer should be well informed of the journalistic jargon, narrative writing, inverted pyramid style, 5Ws and 1H. It needs journalistic background and vast read persons to create the contents in a professional new writing style.

Do you think you need different specialist for different kinds of writings? Certainly no. I can develop content that best matches your needs and styles. Since I have written content vastly for all these categories, I can give content in all the styles, you require.

All through my experience I have provided unique content to my diverse clients perfectly according to their needs and expectations and in a way that easily understood by the target audience, to whom the content addresses.

The works I undertake
Content writing for websites
Editing improvising existing contents
Write content for search engine optimizing
Articles and features to your business promotion
Writing content for blogs and profiles
Content for product and services
Writing research oriented contents for online
Prepare content for mailing and newsletter
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I look forward for opportunities to prove our convictions.
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